Benefits of Walking 5 Miles a Day

Published: 05th October 2009
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There are many benefits of walking 5 miles a day. Walking is one of the best exercises for fat loss. It's easy to be done and only requires minimal effort. It workouts almost every muscles in your body and at the same time keeps your heart rate at a fat-burning rate. This gives a longer-lasting effect and helps you to burn more fats even long after your workout.

One of the benefits of walking 5 miles a day is that it can help you to lose some extra weight whether you're overweight or just need to get rid of some excess pounds.

So, how many calories can you lose walking 5 miles a day? You can lose or burn about 2,000-3,500 extra calories a week by walking 5 miles a day. This is equivalent to 1 pound of fat loss.

Other benefits of walking 5 miles a day include helps prevent weight gain, increases bone mass, which protects against osteoporosis and bone fractures, builds lean muscle mass, increases your metabolism level and overall fitness, strengthens and tones the lower body, reduces the risk of developing heart diseases and stroke, reduces diabetes risk, reduces risk of breast cancer and colon cancer, good for your mind and brain, and also reduces stress and depression and enhances the sense of well being.

If this is the first time you started your walking or the workout seems just too demanding for you, try a one mile walk first every other day and then incrementing this to 3 miles a day. As soon as you get used to 3 miles daily, increase this to 5 miles at least five days a week.

Add more resistance to your walking exercise to get even more benefits of walking 5 miles a day. The faster you walk and the more resistance you add to your walking routine, the higher your metabolism level, the more calories can be burned and the more weight you lost.

Remember that you also need to watch your diet along with your workout routine. Try to count the amount of calories you need daily in order to lose weight. Prepare a diet plan base on it and stick with it. Include a variety of food in your diet to ensure that you get all the essential nutrients you needed. Roasted, steamed or broiled food is also healthier than fried food. You must also include a lot of fiber in your diet.

If you can, include weight training to your walking routine to increase muscle mass, boost your metabolism level and burn more fats. This way, you will lose even more weight by walking 5 miles a day eventually.

Losing weight by walking is not just about how many miles to walk to lose weight quickly instead it is all about long term consistency, self-control, and discipline in order to attain your ideal weight. Take your time to develop the most suitable walking and diet plan for yourself so you can do it consistently and without hassle. Take your first step now and enjoy all the benefits of walking 5 miles a day.

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